About Us

Jim and Adrienne Stark just recently began renting the Bluebird Cabin in the Idaho Sawtooths after finishing a new home on their three acre property.  Jim built this cabin in 1976 and, as a teacher, was able to spend the next four plus decades living here and hiking in the Sawtooth and White Cloud mountains. 

About Jim


I grew up in Challis and Stanley, Idaho.  I have hiked most of the trails in the Sawtooths and the White Clouds and I'd be happy to give tips about which lakes and peaks to explore first.  As a teacher I was free in the summer to hike and gradually finish the cabin.  After building the cabin in 1975 I spent the following summers building the interior walls, the cabinets, framing in the windows, and cutting firewood for the times I ski here in the winter. 

About Adrienne


I am the flower-tender and decorator of the family.  I sewed the curtains, chose the bedding and porch seat colors, and in general approved Jim's decorating choices, since he is color-blind.  I can help identify the wild flowers and the birds in the area for you and suggest local tourist attractions, like Redfish and Stanley lakes.